During the COVID-19 pandemic we are offering a limited time special on Microsoft Office classes.


Pricing for every size class:

1-12 people the fee is $149
13-18 people the fee is $199
19-30 people the fee is $249
31-249 people the fee is $299

The fee listed is the total fee.  There is no per person charge.

This is live online training. All questions are answered in real time. In addition, at the end of the class participants are offered the opportunity to call up their own files and ask specific questions. 

Please see our full list of courses by clicking on the Online Course Descriptions tab at the top of the page then reach out by phone 973-632-3964 or email and we can set dates and times that work for you. Each class is 1 hour and class times are available 24/7 to accommodate all shifts and time zones.



Remote Train has been offering hands on training courses for over 30 years across the United States and Canada. We have successfully trained over 40,000 people. We offer the most effective, least expensive training on the market.  A flat fee is charged so there are no hidden costs. People leave confident in their new skills and excited to use them!

NY/Philadelphia/Stamford Metro Areas:

1-12 participants $485.00 per class

13-20 participants $595.00 per class

This is flat pricing, there is no per person charge

21+particpants or for training outside of these area's:

Pricing is available upon request

Training is available anywhere in the United States or Canada

When you are ready to return to in-person training we are ready to come back! For more details and a price quote please call 973-632-3964 or email

​"Bonnie consistently receives rave reviews from students for her practical, hands on training classes that are packed with tips and tricks and productivity boosters. Her Microsoft Excel classes in particular are one of our most popular training offerings."

- Nick Ghizzone

Manger, Talent Development
The Children’s Place