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This is in-person training held at your company  

each class is 2.5 hours

Course Descriptions

Excel 1

Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

This is the most requested course offered; it is designed to benefit users of all levels.  You use 5% of Excel 95% of the time, this course focuses on countless shortcuts that make the everyday tasks easier.  Students who are new to Excel will walk away with a great understanding of the everyday functions, while experienced users will be thrilled at the multitude of shortcuts that are covered.  

Over 90% of the people who “skip” level one come back and take it. Topics include:

Shortcut versions to:

  • Formatting

  • Creating formulas

  • Printing techniques

  • Working with multiple sheets

  • Creating charts

  • In-depth understanding of the fill feature

  • Protection

Prerequisite:  None


Excel 2

Excel 1 focuses on Excel as a calculator, Excel 2 focuses on Excel as a Database.  It is working with lists of information. Pivot Tables is the report generator of Excel, it is covered in depth. Topics include:

  • Sorting

  • Filtering

  • Conditional Formatting 

  • Absolute reference


Prerequisite:  Excel 1 or equivalent knowledge


Excel 3

Excel 3 takes your Excel skills from good to great!  The topics sound complex but they are very easy to master!

Topics include:

  • Macros

  • Creating your own buttons on the toolbar

  • Hyperlinks

  • Auditing

  • Sparklines

  • Advanced protection

  • Validation

  • Macros

Perquisite:  Excel 1, Excel 2 and Excel 3 or equivalent knowledge


Excel 4

In this class we do function after function! Topics include:

  • If 

  • Vlookups 

  • Xlookup (Replaces the Vlookup in newer versions of Excel)

  • Roundup, Rounddown

  • Iferror

  • Concatenate

  • Rank

Prerequisite:  Excel 1, Excel 2 and Excel 3 or equivalent knowledge



This is a course covers the most important aspects of charting from shortcuts to advanced techniques.  It is designed to teach people how to create and interpret various chart types.  Whether you create charts in Excel or PowerPoint this one is for you! Topics include: 

  • Column Charts 

  • Pie Charts 

  • Line Charts 

  • Floating Charts 

  • Linking Charts into PowerPoint 

Prerequisite: None


PowerPoint 1

PowerPoint is a fun class that can easily be mastered.  PowerPoint is awesome for both business and personal presentations. No program may be as important as Excel, but nothing impresses like PowerPoint! Topics include:

  • Layouts

  • Designs

  • Animation

  • Transition

  • Tricks for running shows

  • Shortcuts for presentation design and implementation

Prerequisite:  None


PowerPoint 2

The fun goes on!  This takes PowerPoint to the next level.  

Topics include:

  • Incorporating music into presentations

  • Advanced Animation

  • Advanced layout design

  • Advanced transitions

  • Charting from blank slides

  • Speaker Notes

  • Administrative functions

Prerequisite:  PowerPoint 1 or equivalent knowledge


Word 1

Every user can benefit from this class regardless of his user level. This class is full of shortcuts and tips for everyday documents. If we could make one course mandatory this would be it for everyone. Topics Include:

  • Creating letter

  • Formatting shortcuts

  • Tables

  • Page Numbers (including dealing with covers)

  • Grammar Functions

  • Incorporating Excel

Perquisite:  None


Word 2

This course covers working with large documents and mastering the Word topics beyond the everyday letter writing. Topics Include:

  • Styles

  • Templates

  • Forms

  • Mail Merge

Perquisite:  Word One or equivalent knowledge


Outlook and OneNote

This class covers the untapped features of both Outlook and OneNote.  Outlook is so much more than “Send” and “Reply”. This course focuses on countless email and tasks features.  OneNote the electronic unbound note pad that is on everyone’s computer!  Gone are the days of binders and notebooks.  In this class you learn how to work the features of OneNote and incorporate your Outlook, Word & Excel files.  This class will bring your organizational skills to a whole new level.  

Topics Include:

  • Email Options including voting buttons and flags 

  • Quick Steps

  • Defaults 

  • Groups 

  • Stationary

  • Incorporating Publisher into Outlook

  • Working with the calendar

  • OneNote 

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